Month: September 2015

Dinghy Outboard Motor and Safety.

My first thought was just to row… My Achilles LEX-77 rows well, though I have only used it on flat water. Browsing various cruising forums (Cruisers Forum and Sailnet, user gilgsn) it appears that not having an engine can be pretty unsafe. Winds and current can blow you out to sea or on rocks. So I decided that if possible I should look for a dinghy outboard motor of 2 to 4hp. If I could afford a new one, which I doubt, there are four models perfect for the task:

All these outboards except the Suzuki cost between 800 and 1000 USD.

The lighter model is the Honda at less than 30lbs. Its reputation is to be reliable but noisy due to air cooling.

The Yamaha, well, it’s a Yamaha and would be my first choice. It seems to be hard to find.

The Tohatsu is the same as the Mercury, and some other brands. With 3.5hp it might prove useful when wind and currents are strong or the boat is heavily loaded.

The Suzuki is said to be pretty powerful for its stated rating but not as reliable as the other three. It is also cheaper.

My main requirement is to be able to lift the engine with one arm, which I can do up to 50lbs, but 40 or less would be much easier. Two-strokes have a better power to weight ratio but require mixing oil in the fuel. They are also no longer available new in the United States, thanks to the EPA. When you think of how much oil BP has leaked in the Gulf of Mexico or how much and what large ships illegally dump in the ocean, it makes little sense. Four-strokes are quieter, more efficient, but their carburators gum up easily due to their small size. I was told it is better to turn them off by shutting off the fuel.

Any suggestion or offers would be welcome…

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Cabin Painting Almost Finished!

It was a good four productive days on Dagny. I completed about 60% of the cabin painting with Pettit “Easy Cabin Coat,” a mold and mildew Resistant interior paint. A look at the previousely painted bow section seems to show that the paint works. There was no mold at all on the new paint. The only issue I have with it is that it isn’t mechanically strong. Anything rubbing on the surface will peel the paint right off. If I was to do it again I would first apply Pettit Easy-Poxy and then the Easy Cabin Coat.

The Fusion 1000W pure sinewave inverter powered my orbital sander easily and the solar panels kept the battery full. This inverter however is very RF noisy. I can’t use any of my radios at the same time. You get what you pay for. I also can’t use my laptop with it as the mouse cursor goes crazy. I hope it is the RF noise, and not a bad waveform. I will use it for charging only and run the computer on its battery when working.

I understand now the sailor’s fascination with fans! It felt like 120 degrees inside. I wore just my underwear, and it was still way too hot to stay below for any lenght of time, and not because I was half naked! Now I know how dogs locked in cars on hot days feel like.. Doing nothing laying on a bunk was barely tolerable. As soon as I moved I started sweating. I need to investigate those dorado boxed more closely. There was no wind, so I am not sure they would have helped.

One thing I will have to be aware of is my exposure to the sun. That means long sleeves, pants, and something for my neck and face, if just some sunscreen. I burned my knees this week-end just by being on deck for a little while. It doesn’t take long.

My companionway hatch is all warped because of rain and the failing of the fiberglass I glued on with epoxy. I didn’t have my sander then and sanded by hand, obviousely not well enough. I also suspect the fiberglass/epoxy shrunk, and since it was on the outside only, pulled on the planks. I will build a new one out of marine plywood left overs from my Fafnir project. I am even thinking of including a clear bubble to allow a good look around without having to open the hatch.

Another four-day session at the end of this month should be enough to finish the boat. It is never 100% finished of course, and I know of a few to-do list items I will have to complete under way or at anchor somewhere. I just didn’t want to have any big project going on to spoil my adventure. In the mean time I will probably build the companionway hatch and drop it off in a couple weeks. Rain water finding its way down below during every squall can’t be good.

A guy stopped by to offer his diving services to clean my bottom, uh, the boat’s bottom I mean.. One Dollar per foot, that’s $26 for Dagny. I eagerly handed out my money, also left him a new zinc to put on the propeller shaft. “No extra charge,” just my lucky day. I will have him do it one more time before leaving. My three-bladed prop will be enough of a drag, I don’t need the extra barnacles!

Thanks to Melina and Dave again for helping me getting there and back.

I have such good friends here, it will be very hard to leave them all behind.

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