Cabin Painting Progress.

I didn’t get to paint as much as I hoped this week-end. It is amazing how much surface there is to paint inside a boat. I started with the bow and worked my way back. It was hot and cramped in there, not pleasant work, even though I enjoy painting. Worst thing is, I will have to apply a second coat. After the bow and forward storage section, I painted the bunks in grey, as well as the sole forward of the mast. As you can see on the photo, I didn’t get to paint the second bulkhead or the mast. It will probably take three or four more days of painting to finish the interior.

Bow Painting

Bow Painting

The only tasks left to do aside from painting are adding some wiring, including a 12V and USB charging plug, some wiring for radios and a new battery, if I can afford one. The rudder is at my house and needs a bit of painting as well. I really should have some type of stanchions or handholds for safety… I will definitely have lifelines on which to clip a harness tether. The companionway and the forward hatch need some varnishing and locks.

Everything else is adding equipment like a second anchor and rode, VHF radio, sea anchor, wifi antenna, fenders, etc. Finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

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