The best way to contact me is to use the form below.

Otherwise, use:

Cellular Phone: Clients, family and close friends can contact me by cellular phone when close to shore. I have both a USA and UK number. If you have the number do not hesitate to contact me, but please keep it short.

Radio: I should be listening regularly to 14300kHz USB on ham (amateur) radio for maritime nets, but most often on 14060kHz and 7030kHz CW (Morse code only), when in international waters or in a country for which I have a reciprocal license. My call sign is AK4YH.

Of course I have a VHF radio (GX2200). Dagny’s MMSI number is 378112296. No AIS transmitter unfortunately.

inReach satellite messaging: You can send me a text message from the map. Make sure your number starts with +1 for the U.S. +33 for France, digits only, no spaces. There is no fixed number to use for texting me unfortunately. I should receive your text anywhere on earth within 20mins. After you receive my reply, you can keep replying to the thread on your phone, no need to go back to the map. If I am the first one to text you, you can simply reply on your phone as you would with any other text message. The device will be on after I leave.

Video conferencing: I will be using either Skype or ooVoo.

Social media: See links on the left column under “Follow On.”


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