When do you leave?

Well, it depends on the weather. Crossing the Gulfstream with any nothern wind component is ill advised, so I need to wait for the proper weather window. I should be moving to the boat on the ninth of December.

Are you worried about pirates?

Not much. I am more worried about dinghy theft. Pirates operate in known areas. In this part of the world, Venezuela would be the country to avoid, so I have no plan to approach its coast.

Where are you going after the Bahamas?

I don’t know yet, but ultimately I would like to cross the Panama Canal to end up on the Pacific side. In between or after that, who knows.. I don’t want to make precise plans or a schedule, because they often lead to delays, frustration and mistakes. Maybe I will have enough experience then to try to make the Galapagos, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here since I haven’t even left the dock.

What tools do you use for recording?

For photography I decided to sell my Leica film cameras for a pair of digital ones. My favorite is the Fuji X100S for image quality, but it is fragile and already cost me a $385 repair bill after taking less than 5000 photographs. I needed something more rugged and settled on the Olympus OM-D E-M5 which is weatherproof, dust/splash/freeze proof. Unfortunately I only have the crappy kit lens that came with it. I will use both for video, though the E-M5 image stabilization is a must. A GoPro Hero (cheapest model) completes the list of cameras. I wish I could take my Mac Mini with me but the screen size and lack of space aboard prevents it. My editing program will have to be window$ based, as Linux doesn’t really have anything up to par. Maybe Power Director. Sound being very important to video quality I bought a Zoom H2n digital recorder.

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