Naming Dagny.

A boat needs a proper name and I couldn’t think of a better one than “Dagny.” It remained to be painted on the hull, which my friend Christine graciously offered to do.

It was also the first time I put the Achilles dinghy in the water. After the painting we rowed it to the restaurant across the water and made it with only minutes to spare before the kitchen closed. It rows easily and is the perfect size for a couple people, maybe three in a pinch.

I also installed the pure-sinewave thousand-Watt inverter which allows me to run tools and anything else using 110V AC. Painting on the inside of the cabin was again made difficult by the heat, 90F+ feeling like 105 because of the humididy.

Dagny is coming along slowly but surely. I expect another four days of work before I can set off maybe in a couple months. There are still a few safety items I need to buy before leaving, not to mention the need of a “cruising kitty.”

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