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Last Drift Analysis. Dagny’s Possible Location.

Re-posted from the SSCA:

Estimated Dec. 26, 17:00Hrs.

Estimated Dec. 26, 17:00Hrs.

Chris Parker has come up with a revised wind/drift analysis on the whereabouts of the S/V DAGNY which dragged anchor off of West End , Bahamas on 12/22/15. This information has been provided to the USCG RCC Miami, however, since the vessel is unoccupied, they can not actively search for it. However… If they happen to be on a “routine patrol” in the area, they will obtain its position and advise KPK.

I just spoke with the owner, Gil Gruson, who is currently in West End. He advised the vessel is a 1977 Morris Frances double ender sloop, white in color. According to Chris Parker’s drift analysis, tonight at 1700, 26 Dec 2015, the vessel may be at approximately position 30 N / 80-30 W or about 40 NM East of St Augustine, Florida.

Dick Giddings (St Jude) has a friend who is a private pilot flying from North Carolina tomorrow, and will ask him to look at the drift analysis and look for the vessel during his flight. If he is not able to locate the vessel, I am wondering if the Civil Air Patrol would consider searching for the vessel on Sunday.

Does anyone have any contacts in the Civil Air Patrol, or know of a private pilot who might we willing to search for the vessel?

Presuming the vessel is located, we can then contract with Tow Boat US, or ask a fellow cruiser to retrieve it and tow or sail it into a marina somewhere.

Gil is very grateful of the assistance of BASRA and the SSCA.

Anyone with ideas can please post here, or send me an e-mail to KPK@ssca.org
Thank you, and please spread the word. We need all the help we can get to get Gil’s boat back to him. He is a live aboard single hand sailor, and the S/V DAGNY is his home.

Glenn Tuttle
SSCA Radio “KPK”
Net Manager

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