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This post isn’t about sailing. I thought that some readers might be interested in what my plans might be and I have received some questions, hence this short article.

Dagny has been missing since December 22nd. There have been no new sightings after the original USCG report on the 23rd. Either someone found the boat and kept it, it sunk in a storm, or she is still somewhere in the Atlantic drifting towards Europe. My hopes have dwindled.

I found France to be worse off than when I left twenty two years ago, with more regulations and taxes. Then there are the migrant issues… Although going back was the right decision regarding my parents, as well as momentary financial relief (no rent), I do not intend on staying past September, if all goes well, but you never know. There is no work to be found here and I am very fortunate to still have a regular client in the United States. I could use one more, so if anyone needs web development or Unix server management work, I am your guy! I have started to refund Paypal loans, unless stated otherwise (thanks!), but it will take a while, please be patient.

I will be forty nine in two days! Time flies, and unfortunately my dream of cruising has been indeterminately postponed. It took me years to finally leave the dock, and I fear it might take me as long to do it again. That thought is very stressful. Not being able to get another boat would be a disaster. I will do everything I can to get back on the water. I estimate my losses at about $25K. I don’t even want to think about it and the sacrifices it will take to save that up again, not to mention the efforts in preparing a boat. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Sorry, this is not a happy post. I am not overly depressed despite it all, but still worried that it might hit me some time in the near future, or eat me up inside until I am well into a new project. It might be a while until I post again and I’ll only do so if anything new happens. Thanks again to all my friends who made this short trip possible and the great people from the Cruisers Forum. I don’t regret trying. I did cross the Gulf Stream on my own boat, fought sea sickness and adversity and sailed two days without an engine to finally reach my destination. In that sense, I succeeded. If only it had lasted a while longer… I will go further next time.

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