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Deck Painting.

Dagny came with an unpainted deck. The plywood had just a coat of Awlgrip grey primer. It was imperative to seal it right away. First step was to lay a couple coats of West System epoxy to make sure no fresh water could work its way into the wood. There was already a little bit of damage where the stanchion screws went through the deck.

Dagny's deck before painting.

Dagny’s deck before painting.

I chose Pettit EasyPoxy deck paint; not the two-part type, which I decided would be a bit of a pain to apply, but the single-part paint. With the help of a couple friends we sanded the wood and applied two coats. The boat looked so much better, but the deck was so slippery, I almost fell over a couple times.

For safety’s sake, I had to apply an anti-skid on top of the paint. I decided to use KiWiGrip, which is applied with a special roller to create a non-skid texture. Some people use sand mixed with regular paint, but The Frances is too nice a boat for such a treatment. The paint had to be lightly sanded of course, then cleaned with acetone, never a pleasant job. One gallon did not cover the whole deck, so I ordered an extra quart, which hopefully will be enough.

The result is pretty darn nice:

KiwiGrip anti-skid.

KiwiGrip anti-skid.

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