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Inching Forward.

Hello, I got a few deliveries this week! At last some progress, inching forward I am.

The 35lbs Mantus anchor arrived this afternoon! Nice piece of gear. Assembly was easy, a bit messy with the big wallop of grease provided. If you get one, make sure you have 3/4″ wrenches..

Also delivered was the Fusion 1000W pure sinewave inverter. That is a big device, twice as large as I pictured it. I thought about getting a 600W or so inverter but my drill is 960W and I want to be able to iron clothes once in a while. Pure sinewave is necessary for electronics, otherwise you can damage power supplies, then you lose more money than you think you saved by buying a cheap unit. The Fusion was only about $160. I hope it will fare well in the salty environment. Maybe I should buy a backup unit.

I also received two small fire extinguishers. I’ll install one in the bow and the second one in the stern. You never know which one you’ll be able to grab… Since my stove will be between the two, it is a wise precaution.

I am waiting for an inReach SE satellite communicator. That is a great safety device and my friends as well as you will be able to follow me on my trip. I’ll have texting capabilities but few people will get that number.

The last big item I need is the sea anchor, another $400, ouch.

Then a few must-haves:

  1. Harness and tether.
  2. Flares.
  3. Charts.
  4. 20m antenna, tuner.

Most of the other stuff I already have..

I should make my way to Dagny in about ten days and stay four or five days, enough time to do most of the remaining work. It will probably take one more trip before I move everything abord. I missed my weather window with the hurricane season starting now, but whether I am in Florida or the Bahamas doesn’t make much difference in that regard.

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Anchor Choice.

Anchoring seems to be a major topic of discussion on sailing forums. One of sailors’ worst nightmares is to wake up grinding on the rocks after dragging in the middle of the night or in a storm.

Dagny came with a 20lbs CQR, no rode. While a good anchor, there are better newer models available today. I will keep the CQR as a backup and get a 35lbs Rocna or Mantus. Both sell for about $375, not a small investment. The Mantus can be disassembled while the Rocna is welded. Both would be adequate for storms.

CQR Anchor

CQR Anchor

Rocna Anchor

Rocna Anchor

I have 250ft. of 5/8″ nylon for the Mantus and 300ft. of 1/2″ nylon for the CQR. Both will get a 40ft. of 1/4″ high-tensile strength chain leader. I wish I had bought all 5/8″ rode; not so much for strength but resistance to chafe.

One of the nylon lines will have to serve as rode for a parachute sea anchor, which will be set-up with a bridle from the bow to help the boat while hove-to, “à la Pardey…” The method is explained in their excellent book:

Anchors are one of the few things I will not try to save money on.

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