Programming and Unix servers: (Scroll down for photography)
If you need help with a project, don’t hesitate to contact me. I specialize in Unix (FreeBSD and Linux) servers and all associated software, from web serving to databases, email, DNS, intrusion detection, etc. I also design SQL databases and connect them to web sites (using PHP). The largest one I currently manage has more than fifty million records and is replicated in real time to a backup server. I also write Python scripts to cleanup databases and correct erroneous data.

I build and manage servers, databases and web sites for clients who rely on me to keep their businesses online or start new ones. Using SSH, there is no difference between being seated at the actual server and being connected from anywhere in the world. My laptop runs Linux Mint, and the servers run FreeBSD Unix and programs like the Apache web server and MySQL database engine. Clients have my satellite (inReach) texting number, so I can always head to a wifi access point if needed.

On a less technical note, if what you need is a simple site setup like this blog using WordPress, an online store or other web application, I can install or design one for you.

What I offer is more than fifteen years of experience and a lifelong of tinkering with computer programming and electronics. I first connected to the Internet using DOS, if that even means anything to you… My first computer (early 80s) had 1KB of memory, just enough for maybe one page of text, and that included the programming code! While I believe my rates are reasonable, they are not cheap. Do not ask me to design a small web page for your little cousin’s school science project… If however you need to take your ten gigabytes of complex data and import it to a database that needs to be accessed from the web, I’m your guy. Need a cluster of fault tolerant servers? Yep. A custom application to handle financial transactions with a bank in real time? No problem. Note that I do not accept work for the only promise of future profits or company shares. Don’t even ask. You pay by the hour or an agreed upon fee, and you will get your money’s worth. All projects require a deposit before work starts.

Long term clients might get to do some sailing 😉

I used to work for a daily newspaper as a correspondent photographer. You can see some of my photography through the Flickr link on the right. If your publication needs images from a location close to mine, I would be glad to make a detour and cover the event(s) or document whatever subject you need.

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